example of tile variation

Shade Variation

Natural stone has shade variation throughout each piece of tile. As the quarries cut into the stone more the shades will change completely based on what the earth produces.

Carrara White Honed 5 inch Hex tile

But this is also true with variation in porcelain and ceramic tile. To give this tile a more natural look there is variation between every piece. This variation is determined through a “V” rating scale created by the Ceramic Tile Distributors Association.

Tile is made by firing clay at a very high temperature. This leads tile to have variation from batch to batch or dye-lot. It is similarly compared to a cake you bake one day and comparing it to the same baking process a different day. It will be very similar but never exactly the same.

This is also done purposefully to give the tile a more genuine look rather than a carbon copy being spread across a room. It has more character and interest when the tiles slightly differ.

example of tile variation

The CTDA uses a system for porcelain and ceramic tile to determine how much variety one can expect.

V1 means very minimal variation.

V2 is a slightly noticeable variation but generally very similar.

V3 will have a similar color tone but the variety of movement and placement will vary.

V4 is complete variation. Each tile will have a different look, making the final project unique from any other.

It is important to know the “V” rating your tile has so you know what to expect when buying a larger quantity. Most boards are labeled with the rating or you can ask your sales associate for more information.

Hexagon Tile

From the classic, vintage homes lining Mission Hills to the beach oasis on the coast of Del Mar hexagon tile fits any style of house. It’s unique size and shape can blend into any design. Hexagon’s come in many colors, materials, and sizes. 1″ hexagons can be used to line a shower pan while larger format 9″ hexagons look beautiful going from wall to floor in any room. Porcelain, glass, and natural stone hexagons are readily used all over San Diego.

Porcelain hexagons are the most popular because of their versatile nature. They can be used on a bathroom floor, shower floor, kitchen backsplash, and even outdoors. Porcelain is a great material for an active house hold that wants little to no maintenance and a long lasting tile. They make porcelain that looks like marble so you can get your carrara or calacatta hex looking like a natural stone without the maintenance that a stone would involve. Porcelain hexagons can range in size from 1″ up to 9″. They come in a variety of colors and textures to fit any style home. A sleek black hexagon to line the floor of a contemporary home in La Jolla or a marble look hexagon to accent an elegant bathroom in Rancho Santa Fe; it can fit any home.

Glass hexagons are another beautiful option when choosing a tile to create an accent. These are most commonly used in niches or as a waterfall line in a shower. But can carry over into a kitchen backsplash to make a fun point of interest. Glass has a unique look that comes in a variety of colors to give a beachy look on the coast of Cardiff but also classy enough to bring character to a home in Sabre Springs.

Natural stone is another option when choosing a hexagon. The variety of stone that hexagons are made can give any style the unique shape and interest that a hex offers. Carrara, thassos, and calacatta marble is some of the most popular material when making a hexagon. For it’s obvious beauty and timeless look; home owners love using marble in elegant, high end homes. Hexagons are also beautifully made in limestone for a splash of beige to a rustic home in Rancho Santa Fe.

esterno giallo imperiale

Natural Stone Look

This large format porcelain tile emulates natural stone perfectly. The natural stone look has come a long way in porcelain tile. In just a few years since its introduction, imagery and printing has gotten to the point of fooling even pros.

esterno giallo imperiale

Beige Sandstone

Eclectic in style and versatile in use, sandstone look porcelain tiles are great for some commercial, indoor or outdoor use. Sandstone beige offers a natural look made that meets the requirements of modern life, bringing durability and style together.

outdoor wall tile

Exterior wall tile

The elements are cruel to most things. Outdoor porcelain wall tile can stand the test of time. The technological advancement in porcelain tile manufacturing have made tile more suitable for outdoor use. Using large format tile panels outside can create a very unique and modern look for your building, house or simply as a feature wall in your backyard.

Imagine the possibilities..

porcelain and wood

Rustic warmth with a contemporary twist

When man made objects emulate nature it is because we are admiring the beauty of it. When natural stone replica porcelain tile is integrated with real wood feature pieces, the results can be authentic and highly practical – whether it be in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, outdoors or somewhere in between.

There are no longer any boundaries but those which you set!

porcelain in water

Porcelain tile in swimming pools

We are seeing more and more pools with unique designs. it is all due to porcelain tile. Not long ago we couldn’t have dreamed of having pools with the wide array of colors and textures that we have today, and especially not until we started putting porcelain tile in water. There is no other material that comes in such a wide variety of designs that can be submerged in water. Porcelain tile has very low water absorption rates making it perfect for wet areas and pools.

Just make sure that you select a porcelain tile that is rated for pools (i.e. it has a slip rating that is rated for wet areas.) We can help you select the right pool tiles for your pool – whether you want to tile your entire pool, the surrounding areas or simply around your water line.

Don’t let your imagination limit you!