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Break the Barriers of Convention: Live Outside

Living in a climate which allows us to spend almost half the year outdoors offers the perfect opportunity to expand our living space into the great outdoors. By using the same tile, laid seamlessly from inside to outside, an illusion of space, size and air is created. What a simple solution to gaining square footage without moving!

There are a few things that need to be considered when deciding how to expand your living area outdoors. First, consider the transition. The transition from your indoor area to your outdoor area should ideally be level/flat. If the level of both floors is even, it creates a smooth, continuous and airy feeling. If, however, this is not possible and you have to have a step down or step up, then consider creating a design accent by using a decorative tile that compliments your indoor/outdoor tiles.

The second thing to consider is the slip resistance of the outdoor tile. Up until recently this meant that you needed to select an indoor tile that was suitable for outdoor applications which is not a big deal but sometimes people wanted a smoother tile finish indoors while still having that rougher texture for their tile outdoors. The great news is that this is now possible, we have started to display and show tiles that are manufactured with the exact same color palette, shade variation, and look but have different slip resistance ratings, and insome cases size and textures.

This just creates even more opportunity for you to create and design your own unique oasis at home.

Transitioning from your indoor to outdoor living space

How do you do it and what should you consider?

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