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Selecting A Suitable Tile Size and Edge

It’s the small details that make the big impressions…

Tile Edge Considerations

Premium tiles can turn a boring space into something stunning. You may have gone through the fun of picking out all of your tile to create a beautiful space but you aren’t quite sure how to finish the edges. There is no need to worry, this is a problem many people face and there are a handful of solutions to fix it. It can be a simple fix or a custom job for your installer.

Be aware that most modern/contemporary tiles have a rectified (straight cut) edge providing a very clean look; while rustic / travertine-style tiles tend to have a chiseled edge which provides more of an old world charm. Depending on your tiles finish, you may choose to use one of the below options to “complete” your tile installation look and job.

Using profiles

A more modern and popular look is finishing tile with an eye catching metal edge. Metal edges are becoming very popular for the modern look it creates. They are now available in just about as many option as you have for tile, there are many sizes, colors and shapes available for you to choose from. Many people coordinate their metal edges with the faucets for example as well as their kitchen appliances.

This type of finish is suitable for stairs and is available in color matching and metal finishes. Perfect for tiles that are not through-body color tiles. Suits a more modern or contemporary style.

Custom finishing / bullnosing

If this option isn’t available to you, you might consider making custom bullnose pieces. This is an advanced technique so it might be best to leave it up to your installer or contractor. The process involves grinding, sanding and polishing your tile edge until it is rounded and smooth. This option is doable with all natural stone, and some porcelain tile. To achieve this with a porcelain tile you must make sure that it is a through-body color tile, meaning the color is present throughout the tile inside and out.

This type of finish is suitable for stairs and other areas where sharp tile edges are not desirable. Suits a more tuscan, rustic and classic style.

Purchasing Trim Pieces

Most tile nowadays have finishing pieces that are available to the tile line. These are called rail molding and are made from the same material and same color as your tile. They can be used to transition tile to a different floor or from tile to drywall. It is a versatile solution and one that may be available to you depending on your tile.

Tile Size Considerations

Tile comes in virtually any size and shape you can imagine – ranging from small mosaics less than inch in size to single tiles up to 8 foot in length. Choosing the size (or format) of the tile is really dependent on taste, room size, style and budget.

As a rule of thumb, the less grout joints you have, the larger the room will feel. This creates less breaks in the tile giving a clean and sleek look. On the other hand, the larger the tile, the flatter your floor needs to be prior to installation and hence the more expensive the installation. Other considerations, like anti-slip requirements and room layout also play into the criteria for choosing the right size tile for your project.

There is definitely a strong trend worldwide towards tiles larger than 12″x24″ with tight grout joints (approximately 1/8″ in size) and this is in part due to the major innovations in tile manufacturing that makes these tiles now available at a small premium.

Choose Wisely

There is a lot to consider when selecting your tile – we have the experience and knowledge to help you choose a beautiful and safe tile for your area.

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