Strengthen the Bond

Primer allows the thinset to thoroughly bond with the surface. After you demo, primer is applied so things like dust, old glue or other unwanted substances aren’t left over. This allows the thinset to have significantly better adhesion to the surface which decreases the probability that your tile crack or come loose.
There are various different types of primers such as epoxy, latex, or polyurethane based, but we carry 2 latex primers. Latex primers are water based, they dry faster, have increased flexibility, and are less prone to cracking or peeling.

Our primers can be used for interior and exterior, walls, floors, or submerged areas. They dry quickly with high bond strength, and are pairable with our floor-heating system. They should not be used instead of a waterproofing system.

San Diego Marble & Tile Kiesel Okatmos DSG

Kiesel Primer – Okatmos DSG

  • Acrylic based
  • Solvent free
  • Dries in 10 mins
  • Pink liquid
Schluter Systems Primer

Schluter Systems PRIMER-U

  • 100% acrylic
  • Water based
  • Dries in 15-60 mins
  • Translucent orange liquid

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