Vinyl Floor Installation FAQs


When it comes to installing resilient floors, from sheet vinyl to luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and rigid core products, getting the installation right the first time is crucial — but these different products require different installation methods, each with their own advantages and applications. And knowing how each product is installed, and what is needed, is critical to customer satisfaction.

How Do You Install Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

There are a number of different installation methods to choose from when installing resilient flooring, these include click, glue-down or loose-lay, so end users can choose the solution that works best for that flooring type, what the area will be used for (i.e. high traffic, commercial, residential etc.) and the quality of the substrate.

What Surface Preparation is Needed For Luxury Vinyl Tile?

As with all flooring, but especially for resilient flooring, surface preparation is essential. A little more effort at the start can save you mountains of time during installation and improve the look and longevity of the installed resilient floor. Your subfloor must be thoroughly clean, dry and level. Low spots can be filled with patching compound and high spots can be reduced with a belt sander. Be sure to clean any debris after leveling.

Is Flexible LVT Installation Different Than for RPC Products?

Flexible LVT can be installed differently to RPC (rigid core products) as they may be loose pieces that allow you to create unlimited patterns and install with an adhesive. This is in comparison to RPC products that have a Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) or Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) core. These products do not require acclimation time before being installed; they utilize a click-and-lock installation system and, if desired, can be installed as a ‘floating floor’ without any adhesive.

Another consideration is that the Rigid Core Products (RPC) can be more forgiving on the surface preparation required as they can be installed over existing hard-surface flooring.

What is the Installation Method for Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

The installation method should depend on the type of vinyl product selected, the area installed and its application. We would always recommend using a licensed installer who can advise you on the best installation method for your flooring to ensure that the installation fits within your budget, the floor maintains its longevity as per the manufacturer’s warranty, and the aesthetics of the floor is as per your expectation.

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By following some basic care instructions, you should be able to keep your tile looking as beautiful as the day you installed it. Care differs slightly depending on material & whether installed inside or outside.