Leveling your surface with ease

Self Leveler

Siena Self-Leveling Underlayment creates a smooth and level surface without you having to manually spread any mortar. The process is quick, simple, and energy-efficient.

After closing off the area you want to level to prevent any fluid from reaching undesired areas, a layer of self leveler is poured over the desired surface. It flows for ten minutes, spreading itself out to level the area, and finally sets in 60 minutes. The surface must dry for 2-4 hours before being walked on, and sit for at least 12-24 hours before floor coverings are installed.

This product is portland-cement based, and can be cleaned with water directly after use. It is perfect for filling cracks and holes, and effortlessly creates a level surface. The 50-pound bags of SLU we carry should cover 30-60 square feet of space.

Deck Mud

Although the process of applying deck mud is significantly more labor intensive, it contains a higher concentration of cement which allows it to maintain its form to a greater extent.

After adding water, the mixture must be manually spread to create a level surface. Because it is pre-mixed, the sand is thoroughly coated in cement creating an increasingly blended solution. This product is a mix of washed plaster sand and II/V cement, and is recommended to be used for shower pans instead of the SLU.

We carry 75-pound bags of deck mud which should cover about 9.6 square feet at the ideal 1” thickness.

Deck Mud

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