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Despite all the different flooring look-a-like options available, hardwood and tile remains the aspirational flooring choice among consumers. Hardwood, for nearly all home buyers or homeowners, is at the top of their “wish” lists. The reason? A natural uniqueness that can’t truly be replicated.

One of the greatest differences between hardwood and other flooring categories is that hardwood is an all-natural product crafted from a material that was once alive. And while the flooring industry continues to innovate, blurring the line between real and imitation, hardwood remains the real deal.

Solid Wood:

Advantages & Disadvantages

Solid wood can be pre-acclimated / dried to a lower moisture content, to adapt to slightly drier environments. As a thicker piece of material, its primary benefit is its wear layer — the material above the tongue and groove composition — which can be sanded down and refinished. Doing this will keep the floors looking like new.

However, one of the challenges with solid wood is that it’s prone to greater shrinkage and expansion, which can cause a floor to cup or warp. Although gaps can reverse back with an increase of humidity, cupping associated with expansion is permanent. This can cause solid wood to become unstable the bigger the piece of wood gets, limiting its styling in terms of size.

Engineered Wood:

Advantages & Disadvantages

Engineered wood is more flexible, although it does best in a 30 to 50 percent humidity range, which allows it to be made in wider widths and extreme lengths. Despite this greater flexibility in terms of dealing with moisture, in extreme conditions, the face can crack or cause damage to the core, causing it to be replaced in its entirety.

Sometimes you can also hear people referring to “composite” wood flooring. Engineered composite wood flooring contains real wood on the wearable surface only. The backing and core material may be made up of any type of composite material.

For most homes in the US, engineered wood is a great and suitable option. It is real wood floors without a lot of maintenance hassles, usually waterproofing construction and installation is much faster.

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The Wear Layer

Solid wood flooring, as well as the better quality engineered flooring, usually has a slightly thicker “wear layer” which is a coating that provides a layer of protection on top of the wood.

Choose Wisely

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