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Picking tile is a daunting task – first there is the need to pick a tile that is suitable for your installation i.e. ensuring that the tile you buy will be safe, resilient and stand the test of time. Second you need to pick a color and size tile that fits your design idea and matches your style. And finally, you need to get the tile installed correctly. The last thing you need after going through this whole process is to have quality issues with your tile!

At San Diego Marble & Tile, we understand this and this is why we strive to make your tile buying process simple; and to ensure that the tiles you select, come from high-quality vendors and manufacturers that stand-by their products and offer support, in the unlikely event that you encounter any quality issues.

We are committed to providing great service and we only select vendors that are committed to the same philosophy.

This is so important to us, that we have even included this in our companies mission statement, i.e.
“We are determined to remain a partner of choice with vendors that share our passion for providing high-quality products and materials at competitive prices.”

We are passionate about good quality products and service – come in and see for yourself!

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To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.Douglas Adams