Adding a tile rug to any room can add an accent or help frame a transition of tile design. You can run a tile “rug” down a beautiful bathroom or add hexagons near an entrance to create a focal point to a home.

Using shapes and designs such as a hexagon to create a rug can be used next to any material. Whether you put your hexagon next to your existing hardwood floor or with a field tile to compliment it it can be an easy and fun way to create an interesting eye catching piece. These are seen in even some of the most modern homes in Rancho Santa Fe or along the coast of La Jolla.

Creating a runner type “rug” with tile can be done when trying to use a herringbone or chevron along the center of a long room. This can be framed using schluter or another mosaic to break up the field tile and design. This allows an otherwise busy look to be toned down with a field tile without taking away from the beauty of it.

Regular rectangle rugs are also created with deco tiles to add a point of interest in front of an entry or under a free standing tub. This look can be timeless but also add a new, fun, modern edge to a space.