When one thinks of tile they typically think of flooring or basic field tiles. Tile has become much more than a normal porcelain, flat, field tile. It has expanded to bright colors, different materials; such as glass and metal, and even dimensional tile. Colors ranging from cobalt blue to burnt orange turn heads when accenting a room. When mixing glass and metal tile together you can create an art piece that will fit into any space. Dimensional tile gives texture and character to a contemporary space. Tile has expanded to more than just flooring to art center pieces.

Throughout La Jolla and Rancho Santa Fe we are seeing an increase in dimensional tile being used on a fireplace front as an accent tile all the way to faces of bar fronts. This look has become increasingly popular because there are many different kinds of dimensional tile. There are rustic looks, contemporary clean looks, and fun vibrant looks that fit any style of a house. The dimensional gives a modern look while still adding texture and character to an area.

fireplace with textured tile surround

On the coast of Carlsbad and Cardiff we are seeing bright blues and greens to pull the look and feel of the beach into the home. Accent walls filled with colored tile add an art piece to a seemingly dull area. Glass tiles in vibrant, iridescent colors are creating interest pieces on back splashes and shower accent lines. There is even patterned tile, such as cheetah print, that create a fun pattern.

tan glass tile with scalloped shape used for shower accent wall

Mixing materials to make mosaics has become increasingly popular. Metal and glass tile have been combined to make beautiful, one of a kind mosaics. Recycled glass is also used to create an economical, interesting look. These are used in back splashes through out Oceanside all the way to Alpine.

recycled glass mosaic tile used in restroom

Tile is now used for much more than covering a space. It used as expression and art pieces throughout some of the most beautiful homes.