Dating back to 1904, Subway Tile has been a booming trend in design. Originally in New York’s subway stations, the typical 3×6 tile has a historical background that has been used throughout time. Subway tile is readily used in houses and commercial buildings all over the world and is booming once again. It has a wide range of styles, sizes, and materials causing it to be a timeless, fun product to enhance your home. It fits many styles from elegance to eclectic living. While it may be trending it is still unique. With the variation of color, material, and sizes you can choose from not one project will ever look the same.

There are sizes that vary from the timeless 3×6 rectangle to a 2×8 to create a fun pattern. Mixing and matching sizes can make a simple area pop with an eye catching design. There are also sizes as big as a 6×12 to cover wall space for bigger rooms. This gives a modern feel to a space. Due to the variety of sizes you can use subway tile on any wall and room.
Creating patterns with the variety of sizes adds to the appeal of subway tile. Using a 2×8 can create a beautiful herringbone pattern. Also, switching the tile from horizontal to vertical when installing can create an interesting design for a focal wall.

Subway tile comes in many materials whether it be natural stone, porcelain, or glass it can fit any style of house. Natural stone is beneficial in accenting an elegant home. Gold tinted Calacatta Dorado offers subway tiles in many sizes to add a high-end pop to an already beautiful space. Porcelain subway tile is a smart choice as well. Porcelain has no maintenance and will last a very long time. Glass is a, new, popular choice when it comes to subway tile. Some use it as an accent strip because of the fun designs and colors glass tile can offer. While it can be used a sophisticated look throughout an area of a home.

A bevel subway tile can add sophistication and elegance to an otherwise bleak space. The dimensional look of a bevel tile adds an interesting focal point that can fit many styles.
Subway tile comes in many colors such as green to ocean blue creating an artistic center piece for any house.The wide range of blues have been mixed in kitchen backspashes to create fun, beach looks. Purple subway tile can be used in an exciting bathroom to accent the shower. The options are wide when choosing how to decorate with subway tile. It comes in dark colors such as brown and black that can enhance a simple room. Modern houses can use a metallic finish subway tile for a clean and sleek look. That will accent their appliances and add a minimalist feel to a room.
Home owners are choosing fun colors with contrasting grouts to create eye popping features. Sticking with the timeless white rectangle may suite your house but just adding black grout to that will make one of a kind style. While on the contrary sticking with a white subway tile and white grout has a very clean, timeless look. Using dark color subway tile with a white grout causes the tile to pop and draw attention to an interesting area.

Subway tile has more than meets the eye. The wide range of selection leaves a design for every style of home or building.