Decorative tiles line the walls of the elegant buildings from thousands of years ago. They are seen etched into some of the most historical standing places in time. Now we see them lining the beaches of the houses of Del Mar and the ranch houses of Rancho Santa Fe. Decorative tile adds a pop to a simple space and elegance to the most beautiful of homes.

Natural stone deco tiles are trending in homes. The company prints custom designs on stones to make unique, one of a kind looks. They offer modern to classic prints on over 10 different stones. These are used on backsplashes as well as shower walls in houses from Cardiff to Solana Beach.

An alternative to natural stone is porcelain decorative. This option is a better option for those who want less maintenance. Porcelain requires no upkeep while natural stone requires sealing and special cleaners. As well as concrete which many would like to use when choosing a deco piece. Concrete requires sealers, special cleaners, and in some occasions floating walls to meet the thickness of concrete. Porcelain gives you the beautiful look while allowing the chaos of life to not destroy your tile. These tiles are used throughout laundry rooms, bathrooms, on walls, on floors, and on a variety of different areas. They compliment the most beautiful homes in Rancho Santa Fe or add a pop to a quaint beach cottage in Oceanside.