Dolomite is the white and grey trend that is sweeping across the neighborhoods from Point Loma to Oceanside.  Dolomite is a harder alternative to marble. Marble’s beautiful patterns and colors draw in many home owners to it’s look. But is soft and fairly porous making it easier to damage. Dolomite is an alternative that will give you the look of a marble but its slightly harder holding up to more wear and tear. In homes across the beach such as Carlsbad and La Jolla the durability but elegance of a marble is a must need. As well as the active home owners in Rancho Santa Fe will need the durability of dolomite while not sacrificing the look of a beautiful natural stone.

The appeal of natural stone is obvious when planning a home. The variation and unique qualities of each piece you receive gives a one of a kind look to any home. Natural stone has been used all over the world for thousands of years. Now it decorates the homes throughout San Diego, including the neighborhoods of Solana Beach and Cardiff.