The maintenance and price point of natural stone will deter a home owner from installing it in their house. The alternative option is porcelain tile that looks like natural stone. One can hardly tell the difference between natural stone and porcelain tile in most cases. It can be used in any circumstance whether it is a kitchen floor or an outdoor patio, porcelain tile stands up to weather and the natural ware of life.

Natural stone is porous and delicate. It has to be cleaned with special cleaners and maintained with sealing throughout the years. While it has been used for hundreds of years through out the world and is appealing to some the maintenance is unreasonable for those with an active lifestyle. Especially living along the coast in neighborhoods like Del Mar and Carlsbad, the affect of the ocean can make natural stone maintenance more difficult. Porcelain tile is extremely durable, does not need to be maintained, and can be cleaned with anything. This can be appealing for anyone living in Rancho Santa Fe with animals or as far as on the beach in La Jolla coming home from a day of surfing.

Whether one loves the look of limestone, carrara marble, or travertine the options for a tile that can give you that look, without the price point and with far more durability, is endless.