Mother of pearl is the natural lining found inside a mollusk (fresh water oyster). This lining is beautiful but strong and resilient, making it a great choice for tile use. There is a misconception that mother of pearl is delicate while it is more durable than glass or marble, when maintained correctly. This tile also can withstand heat. As seen on fireplaces across the coast of San Diego such as Carlsbad and La Jolla. It adds a beachy feel to any home along the coast. You just have to make sure you use the correct adhesive when installing your tile. This product also matches most color schemes. If you have a mostly brown area the beige hues of the mother of pearl will be brought out and compliment the warm tones in the room. While if you have a cool toned room mother of pearl can really compliment an area and add a focal point. You can use mother of pearl on a variety of surfaces. Whether it be a back splash, an elegant shower wall, or a fireplace face it has a sheen not found in any other type of tile.