dimensional tile used for fireplace surround

Color Trends of 2018

In 2017 cool neutral colors, paradise greens, and sophisticated charcoals were trending. 2018 has taken turn with eccentric colors, metals, and fun patterns.  These colors will continue to make an appearance into 2019.

Sleek metals and blacks are prevalent in many tiles throughout homes. Metals on the back splash add a twist to any modern home throughout the coast of Cardiff all the way to the homes in Rancho Santa Fe. Slate look, black tiles on the floor or walls give the industrial look without the maintenance of real slate. This is appealing to many home owners because they get the sleek, trending look of a natural stone without the porous qualities of a slate. When using both a metal and slate look you can get a truly one of a kind, industrial style to compliment any modern home.

statement tiles used in a bathroom

Statement colors are also trending throughout San Diego. Bright blues to tie in the look of the coast in Carlsbad and Encinitas are being shown in back splash, niches, and accent walls. The bright colors are bringing a splash into otherwise neutral rooms. When adding a bright mosaic to a room it can have an eye catching impact. This can compliment a beach cottage or a ranch home in any location.

small hexagon tile used for accent wall in bathroom

Fun shaped tile available now is made to make any room an art piece. From the “dragon scale” shape to tiny hexagons the options are endless when creating an eye catching view for a home. Silky brick patterns to glossy flower decos provide an interesting piece to any accent piece. Tile is not just used for walls and floors now but for statements and art. Creating an accent wall with blues and greens in a wave pattern give interest to a beach home. While using arabesque shapes with oranges and yellows can give a modern look to a rustic, Mediterranean home.

fun tile design used for kitchen backsplash

white glossy textured tile used as accent wall in shower

Fun Tile

When one thinks of tile they typically think of flooring or basic field tiles. Tile has become much more than a normal porcelain, flat, field tile. It has expanded to bright colors, different materials; such as glass and metal, and even dimensional tile. Colors ranging from cobalt blue to burnt orange turn heads when accenting a room. When mixing glass and metal tile together you can create an art piece that will fit into any space. Dimensional tile gives texture and character to a contemporary space. Tile has expanded to more than just flooring to art center pieces.

Throughout La Jolla and Rancho Santa Fe we are seeing an increase in dimensional tile being used on a fireplace front as an accent tile all the way to faces of bar fronts. This look has become increasingly popular because there are many different kinds of dimensional tile. There are rustic looks, contemporary clean looks, and fun vibrant looks that fit any style of a house. The dimensional gives a modern look while still adding texture and character to an area.

fireplace with textured tile surround

On the coast of Carlsbad and Cardiff we are seeing bright blues and greens to pull the look and feel of the beach into the home. Accent walls filled with colored tile add an art piece to a seemingly dull area. Glass tiles in vibrant, iridescent colors are creating interest pieces on back splashes and shower accent lines. There is even patterned tile, such as cheetah print, that create a fun pattern.

tan glass tile with scalloped shape used for shower accent wall

Mixing materials to make mosaics has become increasingly popular. Metal and glass tile have been combined to make beautiful, one of a kind mosaics. Recycled glass is also used to create an economical, interesting look. These are used in back splashes through out Oceanside all the way to Alpine.

recycled glass mosaic tile used in restroom

Tile is now used for much more than covering a space. It used as expression and art pieces throughout some of the most beautiful homes.


Tile Rug

Adding a tile rug to any room can add an accent or help frame a transition of tile design. You can run a tile “rug” down a beautiful bathroom or add hexagons near an entrance to create a focal point to a home.

Using shapes and designs such as a hexagon to create a rug can be used next to any material. Whether you put your hexagon next to your existing hardwood floor or with a field tile to compliment it it can be an easy and fun way to create an interesting eye catching piece. These are seen in even some of the most modern homes in Rancho Santa Fe or along the coast of La Jolla.

Creating a runner type “rug” with tile can be done when trying to use a herringbone or chevron along the center of a long room. This can be framed using schluter or another mosaic to break up the field tile and design. This allows an otherwise busy look to be toned down with a field tile without taking away from the beauty of it.

Regular rectangle rugs are also created with deco tiles to add a point of interest in front of an entry or under a free standing tub. This look can be timeless but also add a new, fun, modern edge to a space.

Hexagon Tile

From the classic, vintage homes lining Mission Hills to the beach oasis on the coast of Del Mar hexagon tile fits any style of house. It’s unique size and shape can blend into any design. Hexagon’s come in many colors, materials, and sizes. 1″ hexagons can be used to line a shower pan while larger format 9″ hexagons look beautiful going from wall to floor in any room. Porcelain, glass, and natural stone hexagons are readily used all over San Diego.

Porcelain hexagons are the most popular because of their versatile nature. They can be used on a bathroom floor, shower floor, kitchen backsplash, and even outdoors. Porcelain is a great material for an active house hold that wants little to no maintenance and a long lasting tile. They make porcelain that looks like marble so you can get your carrara or calacatta hex looking like a natural stone without the maintenance that a stone would involve. Porcelain hexagons can range in size from 1″ up to 9″. They come in a variety of colors and textures to fit any style home. A sleek black hexagon to line the floor of a contemporary home in La Jolla or a marble look hexagon to accent an elegant bathroom in Rancho Santa Fe; it can fit any home.

Glass hexagons are another beautiful option when choosing a tile to create an accent. These are most commonly used in niches or as a waterfall line in a shower. But can carry over into a kitchen backsplash to make a fun point of interest. Glass has a unique look that comes in a variety of colors to give a beachy look on the coast of Cardiff but also classy enough to bring character to a home in Sabre Springs.

Natural stone is another option when choosing a hexagon. The variety of stone that hexagons are made can give any style the unique shape and interest that a hex offers. Carrara, thassos, and calacatta marble is some of the most popular material when making a hexagon. For it’s obvious beauty and timeless look; home owners love using marble in elegant, high end homes. Hexagons are also beautifully made in limestone for a splash of beige to a rustic home in Rancho Santa Fe.

Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Natural Stone

The maintenance and price point of natural stone will deter a home owner from installing it in their house. The alternative option is porcelain tile that looks like natural stone. One can hardly tell the difference between natural stone and porcelain tile in most cases. It can be used in any circumstance whether it is a kitchen floor or an outdoor patio, porcelain tile stands up to weather and the natural ware of life.

Natural stone is porous and delicate. It has to be cleaned with special cleaners and maintained with sealing throughout the years. While it has been used for hundreds of years through out the world and is appealing to some the maintenance is unreasonable for those with an active lifestyle. Especially living along the coast in neighborhoods like Del Mar and Carlsbad, the affect of the ocean can make natural stone maintenance more difficult. Porcelain tile is extremely durable, does not need to be maintained, and can be cleaned with anything. This can be appealing for anyone living in Rancho Santa Fe with animals or as far as on the beach in La Jolla coming home from a day of surfing.

Whether one loves the look of limestone, carrara marble, or travertine the options for a tile that can give you that look, without the price point and with far more durability, is endless.