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dimensional tile used for fireplace surround

Color Trends of 2018

In 2017 cool neutral colors, paradise greens, and sophisticated…
October 22, 2018/by Michelle
white glossy textured tile used as accent wall in shower

Fun Tile

When one thinks of tile they typically think of flooring or basic…
September 21, 2018/by Michelle
example of tile variation

Shade Variation

Natural stone has shade variation throughout each piece of tile.…
August 21, 2018/by Michelle

Tile Rug

Adding a tile rug to any room can add an accent or help frame…
August 7, 2018/by Michelle


Crackle tile is known for it's undeniable beauty and character.…
July 19, 2018/by Michelle

Hexagon Tile

From the classic, vintage homes lining Mission Hills to the beach…
July 13, 2018/by Michelle

Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Natural Stone

The maintenance and price point of natural stone will deter a…
June 22, 2018/by Michelle

Mother Of Pearl

Mother of pearl is the natural lining found inside a mollusk…
June 11, 2018/by Michelle

Tile Trends Of 2018

Tile trends change with the times. What may have been in style…
May 23, 2018/by Michelle


Dolomite is the white and grey trend that is sweeping across…
May 14, 2018/by Michelle

Decorative Tiles: Give A Simple Space A Customized Look

Decorative tiles line the walls of the elegant buildings from…
May 4, 2018/by Michelle

Encinitas Showroom Remodel

Out With The Old, In With The New... San Diego Marble Tile’s…
April 30, 2018/by Michelle

The Contemporary Hacienda

While certain styles stay true to certain communities throughout…
March 9, 2018/by Michelle
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