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we strive to have the best selection available

Independent Tile Store San Diego

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Who we are

we are vendor neutral

Being a local and independent retailer provides a major advantage to our customers – it simply means that we are flexible enough to display tile and tile-related products that our customers want, at a competitive price point and from vendors that we know we can trust. This separates from our competitors who may be bound to “push” certain products due to significant investment in manufacturing or the need to sell certain volumes in order to maintain exclusivity.

At San Diego Marble & Tile, we spend a lot of time researching tiles and tile trends, form all over the world in order to ensure that we maintain a nice balance of product in our showroom, and to enable our customers the right of “choice”!

We have one of the widest selection of tiles available on display and we are confident that if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, then it either doesn’t exist or we will simply source the product for you.

We are vendor neutral and we are nimble enough to source tile based upon trends and customer demand — not big corporate directives!

Come in to any of our stores and feel the difference!

We will not settle for less

We have learned the need to be flexible in our decisions on what products our customers want to see. Styles and trends change quickly; and we need to be nimble enough to globally source and display new products as and when these become available.This is what separates us from our competitors — Our customers expect us to be the experts and as long as San Diego Marble & Tile is in business, we will not disappoint them.