When you live in a climate that allows you to be outside more than half the year – you have to ask yourself why you don’t create a design space outside that is an extension of your home; that allows you to be at home in comfort surrounded by nature, sky and stars. Outdoor living is not a dream – it is possible, practical and a true optimization of your living space.

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Porcelain tiles are composed of fine porcelain clay and fired at much higher temperatures than ceramic tiles. This process makes porcelain tile more dense, less porous, much harder and less prone to moisture and stain absorption than ceramic tiles....

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There is no other material on Earth like it. Formed from millions of years of geologic forces, natural stone is quarried from different parts of the globe to make its way into our everyday lives in the form of counter tops, floor tiles and many other building materials.

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By following some basic care instructions, you should be able to keep you natural stone looking as beautiful as the day you installed it. The tile care instructions differ slightly, depending on whether the tile is installed inside or outside.

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Take your living outside – why have a ceiling when you can have the sky!

There is a lot to consider when deciding on which outdoor tiles to use. The first and most important aspect is safety but longevity and maintenance requirements are also very important.

Safety considerations

Let’s deal with the safety part first. Whether you are installing tiles around your pool or as a pathway through your garden, you want your tiles to have a good degree of slip resistance. Tiles with a low slip resistance are not recommended for outdoor use as they are like walking on ice, when they get wet and hence quite unsafe.
All tiles come with certified manufacturer ratings that can be used to determine which tiles are suitable for which type of installation. Our San Diego Marble & Tile staff at any of our locations will be able to assist you in ensuring that you pick the right tiles for the right application.

The rating that applies to the slip resistance of a tile is called the “coefficient of friction (COF)” – there are effectively 2 types of coefficient of friction measurements – static and dynamic.

Technical stuff

Contrary to popular belief, the American Disabilities Act (ADA) did not set a requirement but rather referenced accessibility guidelines that recommended a value of 0.60 static coefficient of friction – this reference has subsequently been withdrawn but is still being incorrectly referenced as the minimum requirement for installing tiles in wet areas or areas catering to disabled peoples.

The correct measurement to use is the dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) rating. In other words, we’re talking about objects or people already in motion (dynamic) versus those in a fixed (static) position.
(It’s important to note that both these measurements are not a property of the flooring alone, but rather a relationship between the shoe sole and the flooring surface.)
When it comes to slip resistance, the difference between these two measurements is large. Resistance between stationary and moving objects is vastly different. Hence using a tile with a high DCOF value is without doubt the safer and more recommended measurement.

Hence tiles suitable for level interior spaces expected to be walked upon when wet should have a DCOF value of 0.42 or greater.

The risk of a slip can be diminished—but not eliminated—in these particular scenarios by installing tiles with a structured or textured surface, mosaic tiles or certain extruded, unglazed quarry tiles. Of course, specifiers should always follow manufacturers’ guidelines and recommendations when selecting these products.

Longevity & maintenance

Outdoor tiles will be exposed to the elements and hence will be prone to staining. Therefore, picking a tile that is not overly porous is recommended. Natural stone tile will require more maintenance and cleaning due to it being a natural material and hence more porous. Natural stone is quite beautiful due to its natural uniqueness but over the past few years, porcelain tile has come along way.

Porcelain tile is fired at an extremely hot temperature when it is manufactured in a kiln and hence is a lot less porous and definitely will need less maintenance over time.

It really does come down to preference but as porcelain tile is available in so many colors, textures, sizes and styles – it is very often the most popular choice for outdoor areas.

At San Diego Marble & Tile, we have staff that is specifically trained and has the experience, to recommend a safe and perfect tile for your project that matches your style preferences.



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