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Color Trends of 2018

In 2017 cool neutral colors, paradise greens, and sophisticated charcoals were trending. 2018 has taken turn with eccentric colors, metals, and fun patterns.  These colors will continue to make an appearance into 2019. Sleek metals and blacks are prevalent in many tiles throughout homes. Metals on the back splash add a twist to any modern […]

Fun Tile

When one thinks of tile they typically think of flooring or basic field tiles. Tile has become much more than a normal porcelain, flat, field tile. It has expanded to bright colors, different materials; such as glass and metal, and even dimensional tile. Colors ranging from cobalt blue to burnt orange turn heads when accenting […]

Shade Variation

Natural stone has shade variation throughout each piece of tile. As the quarries cut into the stone more the shades will change completely based on what the earth produces. But this is also true with variation in porcelain and ceramic tile. To give this tile a more natural look there is variation between every piece. […]


Crackle tile is known for it’s undeniable beauty and character. Not one crackle tile is the same as another because of it’s firing process. One line of crackle tile we carry is called Euphoria. Some crackle tile carriers will dip their tile in coffee or even shoe polish to achieve a crackle glaze. Sonoma creates […]

Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Natural Stone

The maintenance and price point of natural stone will deter a home owner from installing it in their house. The alternative option is porcelain tile that looks like natural stone. One can hardly tell the difference between natural stone and porcelain tile in most cases. It can be used in any circumstance whether it is […]

Mother Of Pearl

Mother of pearl is the natural lining found inside a mollusk (fresh water oyster). This lining is beautiful but strong and resilient, making it a great choice for tile use. There is a misconception that mother of pearl is delicate while it is more durable than glass or marble, when maintained correctly. This tile also […]

Tile Trends Of 2018

Tile trends change with the times. What may have been in style ten years ago can be completely different now. In the early 2000’s homes in San Diego were lined with travertine tiles and a tuscan feel. Now homes along the coast of La Jolla and Carlsbad are building contemporary homes with sleek lines and […]


Dolomite is the white and grey trend that is sweeping across the neighborhoods from Point Loma to Oceanside.  Dolomite is a harder alternative to marble. Marble’s beautiful patterns and colors draw in many home owners to it’s look. But is soft and fairly porous making it easier to damage. Dolomite is an alternative that will […]