While certain styles stay true to certain communities throughout San Diego, there is one style that is shown in all areas. Spanish style houses have been immersed in the history of southern California since the very first settlers came here. The historical museums, architecture, and history shared in San Diego has a Spanish essence to each building and experience. Beachfront “haciendas” are given that Spanish flare. Featured in neighborhoods such as Solana Beach, Del Mar, and La Jolla this style is prevalent among some of the most beautiful houses.  A house designed by HOME + Atelier, Michael Ranson, an interior designer, in La Jolla gives the Spanish flare in a tropical location.

This arabesque floor tiling has a rustic and irregular edges. This brings character and the Spanish influence into a contemporary home featured in La Jolla. This floor is carried out through the home with some variation at the entrance of the house.

Mixing shapes, sizes, and shades make for a really eye catching, rustic feel. This house along La Jolla’s coast does not lack the Spanish colors or flowers. The stair risers carry bright flowers and hand painted designs to capture the true Spanish hacienda vibe. This brings out the true bright colors seen along San Diego’s coast in beautiful beach towns such as Carlsbad and Leucadia.

This timeless style evolves but stays true to the true Spanish style that San Diego is known for. The beautiful shades of brown and bright hand crafted tiles make every home one of a kind and can make the coastal homes shown in areas from from Del Mar to Mount Soledad unique in color but classic in style.