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natural stone

There’s nothing more authentic or breathtaking than the beauty of natural stone. Natural Stone is a material of choice for professional designers, architects, landscapers, masons and builders. Stone conveys beauty, character and solidity. Its variations in color, pattern, and texture provide unique visual impact; and because it comes from the earth, its eco-friendly composition makes stone a natural design choice.

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on display

We have large dedicated natural stone rooms in all our showrooms, making it easier for you to see, touch and compare all the options before selecting the perfect stone to realize your design ambitions.

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San Diego Marble & Tile carries the best stone tile in San Diego, putting everything you need to design a beautiful, authentic space in your home. You’ll find only quality travertine and travertine flooring at San Diego Marble & Tile stores around the county. That’s why we’re the retailer of choice when it comes to shopping for natural stone in San Diego along with materials and tools needed to get the job done. Come into one of our locations today and look through the largest selection of slate tile in San Diego to find the piece you need to bring your remodel to a satisfying close.

Designers, architects, landscapers, masons, and builders prefer natural stone tile. San Diego Marble & Tile has the best selection of stone tiles with a many color variations, patterns and textures that reflect the feelings of the natural earth. We carry only the best quality natural stone and travertine in San Diego. Our travertine flooring at San Diego Marble & Tile is made of superior limestone with styles ranging from natural, earthy looks to highly polished ones. The slate tile at San Diego Marble & Tile features a clean and crisp aesthetic that will add a cooling feel to your room.

As the retailer of choice for natural stone and travertine in San Diego, we want to offer you the best deal on the highest quality tile around. We have the largest selection of slate tile with large showrooms dedicated to our stone tile at San Diego Marble & Tile locations around the county. When considering or buying materials for your residential tiling product, we want you to use the best, most durable travertine flooring in San Diego so you can make your room into a beautiful space that will last.

If you would like to learn more or view our selection of slate, natural stone or travertine tile in San Diego, give us a call or stop by any of our San Diego tile store showrooms today.